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Our services

Comnika provides highly qualified services in the area of effective communication, systemic planning and managing conflict. Through consultancy and following implementation we help our clients to solve complicated and potentially conflicting situations affecting internal as well as external stakeholders.

Our portfolio entails:

Managing conflicting situations

OWe provide operational solution to conflict situation, create the system of conflict prevention and identification, mediate conflict and help you with negotiation between parties. Call us now and ask for a free consult using our 24 hours phone service on +420 608 826 406. More on conflict management…


We provide the services of managing and driving communication during meetings, project gatherings or group discussions. Facilitation is a very effective tool when you are planning systemic change or when you are seeking the solution to concrete problems in organizational functioning. More on factilitation…

Organizational consultancy

We help you to eliminate of concrete problems in organization functioning, identify problem ares, support you in planning and implementation of systemic change in the organizational structure and processes, create the system of internal communication. More on organizational consultancy…

Strategic planning

We guide the organization´s management through the process of strategic planning using the tools of facilitated discussion, professional consultation and support during the implementation of change. More on strategic planning…

Courses and seminars

We plan and implement tailor made events responding to the specific client needs and requirements. All our courses and seminars focus on practical and on-the-job usage of the concrete skills and abilities. We support the participant after the end of the educational program and provide them with consultations if needed. Our courses and seminars focus on effective communication, conflict management, negotiation, facilitation and more. More on courses and seminars…

Find out more information about our services by clicking on relevant section on our web site or call us now and ask for a free consult using our 24 hours phone service on +420 608 826 406.


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