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Conflict management

The conflicts of attitude, approach, motivation and interest are the natural part of the life of the organization and individual. It is possible to prevent them entirely only by assuming you, as an individual have no needs, no attitude, no direction in life and no one is interested in your position in the life cycle.

Conflict brings into the organization the necessary dynamics which sooner or later leads to changes in the system or stakeholders relationships. In case the conflict is carefully managed it is possible to control this dynamics and use it for the sake of desirable and positive change. Unmanaged or poorly managed conflicts bring sudden, hardly estimated and usually destructive changes. Comnika services respond to the clients´ need to solve interpersonal conflicts affecting internal as well as external stakeholders. In both cases, we use consultancy and analysis to identify the cause and roots of the conflict and only after then decide on most effective tool and direction of the desirable solution.

Reflecting the concrete situation and desirable results, our services vary by the following forms:

As we know that time is crucial when conflict situation arises, our 24 hours phone +420 608 826 406 stands ready for you. Call us any time and our consultants will help you solve the conflict situation.


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