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Successful negotiation represents the most effective solution to any conflicting or controversial situation. Opting for negotiation as the first step during the solution of conflicting situation brings not only significant costs and time reduction but also the complete control of parties over the process and result of the dispute.

The biggest risk in case of failure of unmanaged negotiation lies in escalation of tension between parties and often the loss of trust and damage of relationships between parties. This prevents the achievement of rational agreement. Every negotiation should lead to win-win solution and prevention the above mentioned risks.

We offer you the services of experienced negotiators who will support you in preparing yourself for difficult negotiation and can participate in the negotiation or lead the negotiation for you. You may use our following services:

You should choose from the above alternatives based on concrete situation, time frame and desired outcomes of the negotiation. For more information on possibilities and forms of cooperation you may contact us on the 24 hours phone no. +420 608 826 406.


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