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Mediation means the way of solving disputes where the two parties are guided to reach solution by the third neutral and independent party – the mediator. It represents a very effective method of conflict resolution where both parties are motivated to reach agreement and/or must cooperate after reaching the agreement. This applies for example in case of employee conflicts, difficult business meetings, broken contracts or agreements, family disputes etc.

The mediator enables the communication between parties and bears responsibility for the process of the discussion. He/she helps to analyze and structure the situation, helps the parties to form an opinion and motivation and leads them to the agreement. In no way the mediator interferes in the material side of the dispute, does not judge and does not decide for the participants.

The parties are treated as experts in the material side of the dispute and together with the final outcome of the discussion, they have full control over material matters. The result of mediation is an agreement accepted by both parties which reflects their interests and real possibilities.

Besides full control over the solution, mediation brings other added value which court proceeding doesn´t offer. These are particularly:

We offer you the services of experienced and certified mediators who will enable you to use all benefits that mediation brings.


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