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Facilitation means managing and enabling communication during meetings, project gatherings or group discussions. Facilitation is a very effective tool when you are planning a systemic change or when you are seeking the solution to concrete problems in organizational functioning. It also plays a crucial role when preventing conflict between parties or managing it after it arises.

The fundamentals of facilitation lie in differentiating the process of discussion and problem solution itself. The facilitator takes responsibility for the process of communication and discussion and thus enables the participants to focus solely on the solution of the problem.

The result of facilitated discussion is the improved quality of the discussion outcomes, achieved in shorter time and also the increased responsibility (and buy-in) of the participants for the implementation of the solution. It often brings an added value of identified and solved conflicts among the group.

Besides expert facilitation, we offer the consultation of experienced facilitators during the phase of planning, preparation and organization of the discussion. We will also support you during the phase of analysis and implementation of the discussion outcomes.


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